Learn to Sing Harmony Course 2017

Wight Harmony is launching its latest free LEARN TO SING HARMONY course, starting this September. The six week course is for all male singers and non-singers and is free of charge. Focussing on a different aspect of harmony singing each week, the course is run by educators who will take singers through all the steps needed to be a good harmony singer in a choir. On top of this, skills are refined so that singers can not only sing in close harmony but also a cappella [unaccompanied by any musical instrument].

Wight Harmony welcomes all singers through this course. If you have not sung before, not sung since you went to school, or cannot read music, this is not a problem. You will have access to teaching tracks of music to help you learn and leaders to help you find your voice. If you do sing but haven’t recently or you already sing in a choir and want a challenge of a different style or perhaps to try a different voice part, you are also welcome. If you are unsure, you will be given help to pick a voice part that suits you from bass, baritone, lead and tenor to help you learn a new song, together with the members of Wight Harmony,

The course runs every Thursday from 14th September through to the 19th October. It will start at 19.30pm and run until 21.00pm. The venue is at Wootton Methodist Church, Station Road, Wootton Bridge, PO33 4RE.

To book your free place now,

  • telephone Steve on 07786 494751 or
  • email LTSA@wight-harmony.org.uk